let’s eradicate domestic violence

Domestic violence impacts more than 15000 Quebec women annually. Carrefour pour Elle is helping to eradicate domestic violence by welcoming more than 115 women and 103 children every year.


Let’s help these women and children in need

“My stay at Carrefour was filled with joy and happiness. I came away from it with my head held high and full of optimism for my personal growth. I leave with memories of smiles, sharing and hope.”

– An ex-resident of Carrefour pour Elle

“At Carrefour pour Elle, I felt respected, supported, understood and loved for who I am.”

– An ex-resident of Carrefour pour Elle

“You’ve helped me get through many hardships in my life, never judging me and always there with a smile. I greatly appreciate your support.  Your patience and availability made my stay with you feel like a safe haven.”  – An ex-resident of Carrefour pour Elle

“Each counsellor helped me move forward and care for myself. I am forever grateful. There were many ups and downs, but through it all, Carrefour pour Elle was my small paradise. I will never forget my wonderful adventure there, which probably saved my life.”

– An ex-resident of Carrefour pour Elle

“Time spent at Carrefour pour Elle allowed me to find myself, grow and be proud of who I am; all that thanks to your help and support. I rediscovered the real me, who had disappeared for too many years. Not only can I now live, but I can also exist. I have taken charge of my life and found a new taste for living.”

– An ex-resident of Carrefour pour Elle

The Foundation’s latest news

The “Bien-être au féminin” event: what a success!

Held this past March 11 and hosted by Geneviève Gagnon, the “Bien-être au féminin” event welcomed Marie-France Marin, Rose-Marie Charest, Caroline Alexander, Jeff Golf and Alexandre Taillefer for a series of conferences.

$72,605 for women in need!

Our annual cocktail reception event held last October 27 was certainly a success with over 200 guests in attendance! In addition to raising more than $70,000, this memorable event also celebrated the Foundation’s 30th anniversary.